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 Why won't my ebook open?


Watch my video on how to download and unzip your files here:Download Instructions.
In the event of any problems with your e-book download:

1) Be sure you filled out the registration information completely on the page you were sent to after your purchase. This will generate your password email to you.

2) Make sure you unzip the download file first. You may have one or more zip files containing your ebooks.

3) Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat. Enter your password as it was sent to you after you registered. NOTE: You must confirm the registration to get the password, so don't use a bogus email. (If you still don't receive it, please email us with the form at the bottom of this page and we'll mail it to you.)

4) If you are having issues with text or problems with the e-book, please make sure you are using the LATEST version of Adobe Acrobat. You can get it here: www.adobe.com

Now, there are only three reasons your e-book may not work, and all of them can be corrected:

- Password typed incorrectly - Solution: Type very carefully. Remember that your personal password is case-sensitive and may have spaces. Type it EXACTLY as you see it in your reply email from us. If you have problems, copy and paste it using ctrl-C and ctrl-V.

- Corrupt file - The download did not complete - Solution: re-download it from the page you were given in your receipt.

- Adobe Acrobat is old or improperly installed. Solution: Make sure your Adobe Acrobat reader is up to date - version 8 or higher. (You can get the most recent version here: www.adobe.com

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