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 I'm having problems getting my Advanced Coaching files...


Did you lose the link to the subscribers download page? It's HERE:
AAC Download Page.

Don't forget to bookmark this location!

If you lost your password, go to that page and click the "forgot your password?" link.

- First, be sure you were able to download the complete file for each segment. Downloads will occasionally abort early, leaving you with a file that cannot be unzipped. (If you get errors while unzipping them, chances are you got a corrupt file.)

- Save ALL the files to a single location on your hard drive, and write down the location so you don't forget where you placed them. (And make sure you back them up!)

- If you have an incomplete or corrupted file, please DELETE the old one first. Then, TURN OFF YOUR FIREWALL AND ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. These will obstruct your download.

- Clear your browser's cache. (See the "Help" section of your browser to learn how to do this.)

- Try another browser, such as Firefox or Opera. You may have better luck with these.

- Make sure you are downloading these files from a "broadband" (i.e., high-speed) internet connection.

- If all else fails, you may have to try downloading from another computer. If you can get the files from another location, then your local configuration or connection is probably at fault.

** Don't close your browser on the download page until you've got ALL the files.

If you are a subscriber and did not receive your monthly download links, check your junk email folder. Chances are it was sorted there by mistake. Also, send us an email address that is NOT from a free email provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo. You'll probably never get your links if you use these services because of their spam filters.

If you did not receive your monthly download link, email us with your name and email address, and we'll send you your link right away.

If you are a Mac user, you'll see that the files have a 'zip' extension. If you're on a Mac, you'll have to get stuffit expander (www.stuffit.com) to open them up, and then you can add the MP3 files to iTunes.

- Corrupt file - The download did not complete - Solution: Simply re-download it from the download page. Make sure you are using a reliable internet connection. If you are using dial-up, you may have to try several times. TURN OFF YOUR FIREWALL AND ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE! These will get in the way.

Also, delete your incomplete or corrupted file and try again. If you continue to have problems, use another browser, or try from another computer.

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