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Winter Seminar

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Alpha Immersion

2 Days, 2 Nights

This seminar will put YOU in the driver's seat with women - and your life.

Details (Hotel, clubs, etc.) are currently being arranged, but here's information from the last seminar. If you want a seat at this event, Read on...

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Carlos Xuma Seminar in Las Vegas



Here's the agenda:


- Alpha Jump Start

We'll meet up at the hotel in Las Vegas in the lobby to hold some preliminary discussion around the art of approach. Carlos will share some of his insights in a friendly, relaxed environment. Then we'll jump right into approaching and opening sets right off the bat in some of the classiest and exciting clubs in Las Vegas.

The first night will contain a few surprises to get you started on the right foot with your Alpha mindset.

We may meet earlier and do some personal training that will give you a little Alpha Boost to your confidence...


- Alpha Immersion!

We're going to cover all areas of your inner game on the first full day of immersion.

And this won't be some boring lecture, either. Carlos has kept the size of the seminar small enough to provide INDIVIDUAL feedback and work on your sticking points. Everything from body language to tonality and conversation skills.

We'll have motivation, information, exercises, tools, Q&A, and all kinds of interactive work to completely immerse you in the mindset of an Alpha Man.


We're going to cover:

- Change - the art of transformation

- Approach - Storytelling, verbal aikido, proxemics, kino

- Science of Alpha Behavior

- Inner vs. Outer game

- Confidence building

- Controlling your mind

- Managing fear and anxiety

- Body Language

- Understanding women

- Your personal sticking points


The content will remain flexible to ensure that we address YOUR sticking points and not just lecture you. You're going to be interacting with Carlos and other instructors on the areas that are important to YOU.


- Alpha Fun

We're going out to select Las Vegas venues to interact and exercise the new mindset you've cultivated.

You'll experience approaches first-hand in an intimate setting in several of Las Vegas' finest nightclubs. We'll experiment with opening sets, group dynamics, raising attraction and comfort levels, and closing.

Carlos and the instructors will be with you every step of the way for some great field work. You'll see how the mechanics of approach work in real life, from opening to storytelling, to kino, to closing for the phone number.


DAY 2 - SUNDAY (ending 3:00 PM)
- Alpha Man Power

It's time to recap the previous night and review the previous night, breaking down the individual performance successes.

We'll finish with implementing the Success Habits of Alpha Men so that your new Alpha Frame is locked in tight. You'll come away with the tools and mechanisms to motivate yourself for the goals you want to accomplish, not just with women, but in life.


We're going to cover:

- Social dynamics

- Post-game - Day 2 and beyond

- Success habits

- The Renaissance Alpha Man



Get ready for a near-life experience...!



There's no substitute for the REAL thing.


Carlos be reviewing each applicant for the programs for suitability - You must be at least 21 years of age, be a reasonably driven individual (capable of self-development and growth) as well as carry a positive attitude.


You can't find this kind of quality and value in life-coaching expertise ANYWHERE.

And, since there was an accidental leak of the discounted rate, this seminar will be discounted for ALL particpants. (Future seminars will be closer to the industry standard $1200)



To reserve your seat now...



Make your reservations NOW, while there are still seats available.

Hotel reservations should be made at the Atrium Suites Hotel (across from the Hard Rock)

Details will be posted here as we finalize the seminar extras...









HENRIK from the August 2006 Seminar in Las Vegas:


"The first word that came to my mind when walking out of the seminar was: Unbelivable.  From a pure value perspective, this seminar provided the best material for the best price...it far exceeded my expectations.  Regardless of where you are in your growth to becoming an Alpha Male, Carlos covers the necessary topics that are essential to your success.

The opportunity to approach Playboy Playmates and Lingerie Models, get their feedback and then use their advice in the hottest clubs in Vegas is Priceless.  Honestly, if you can approach a Playmate, you can approach anyone.

The format of classroom learning during the day and then applying those principles in the field at night with Carlos as your wingman is ideal.  He will literally approach a set with you, observe your interaction and give you with the necessary feedback to help you with any sticking point that you may have.  He provides real world examples of everything that he teaches so you gain a better understanding of each topic.  Carlos is the consummate professional and he takes the time to help you individually regardless of your ability.

Consider this an essentail investment that will change your life forever.  I certainly don't know of any other investment that can prvide that type of return."


KIRIN on the March 2006 Seminar in San Francisco:

Carlos Xuma’s “Alpha Man Immersion” weekend intensive field report…


Having recently attended Carlos Xuma’s “Alpha Man Immersion” weekend intensive in San Francisco two weeks ago, it honestly took me this long to get around to writing the report because there was SO much information presented and material learned that I really needed the time to assimilate.  


I’m currently at a point in my game where I’m very good at ramping up attraction once it has been established, very good at creating relationships out of connections, very good at giving a woman what makes her really purr - once the initial contact has been established.  But the initial approach, particularly in noisy/crowded  environments like bars and clubs, has been for most of my dating life out of reach, placing me in that dreaded position of having to pick from “those who pick me” rather than picking from what I find attractive in the first place.


I made a goal for myself to this year really focus on getting over this hurdle, and one of the steps towards that goal that I decided to take was to enroll in some form of “field workshop” with an expert PUA.  I first heard about Carlos through a posting on cliffslist and the seminar was located in San Francisco (40 minutes North of me) so I figured, “Why the hell not?”  


I contacted Carlos, went through the interview process (he doesn’t let just anyone into the seminars) and once being approved ordered his “Secrets of the Alpha-Man” multi-media course, which contains 6 CD’s of audio materials, interviews and activities as well as a huge 400 page manual, which I printed out and have been carrying around ever since.  


I think that the thing that strikes me about Carlos’ materials over those provided by other PUAs is that there is more of a sense of method and professionalism to what he presents.  It is clear that he reads HUGE amounts of material and then distills it all down and encapsulates it into efficient and very digestible chunks.  


Rather than ramble on and on about this or that in some abstract way, Carlos might talk for 5-10 minutes on one subject, then jump to another, and then to another, all of them being insightful and interesting.  He does a lot of this type of work, publishing a monthly “Coaching” CD as well as weekly podcasts and periodic teleconferences.


What works so well about this approach is that it allows men of all different skill levels to come in wherever they are in their game and pick up what they need.  So going to the weekend intensive was kind of like having a firehose of information blown in your face for 72 hours.  

I picked up so much data that it took a week or so to really let it all settle in… and while I have to admit that while my confidence level was actually a tad lower going out than coming in (got my ass kicked a couple of times out in the field) it is now much higher than were I started and I’m now suddenly juggling 3 women in my life that were not there (at least in the same way) a couple of weeks ago.  Not to mention the other new contacts that I made on the weekend itself.  When it rains it pours…


The weekend consisted of 2 main activities… day long presentations of the copious material that Carlos had prepared for us (with working lunches and lots of breaks) and sarging expeditions in the evenings that ran till 1:00 AM or so.  


There were 12 of us in the workshop, from all over the country, with varying levels of experience ranging from those who were just starting to work with approach to one who goes out 6 nights a week (he takes off Saturdays because he says that’s “date night” and women in the clubs are either with a date or pissed that they’re not with the date they wanted… and therefore not worth the trouble)  


One of the things that struck me about the overall presentation of the workshop is that no matter where we were, the location was beautiful and sophisticated.  We started in a private “Penthouse room” at a club called “Swig” where we could all have a drink and get familiar with each other before moving out into the scene, looking down on it as well.  


Carlos had two others working with him in the workshop and in the field which was very cool because each of the three had very different energy and brought something different to the experience.  Carlos was the “host”, the party maker… kind of like a Hugh Hefner character but without all the pretentiousness.  Travis, his wing, had a very different energy.  Laid back and cool but with a tinge of mischievousness, a nice contrast.  And then there was CJ Chandler, a pivot, who was street smart and savvy but with a very friendly and open energy.  She was like the very cool big sister that you never had who knew everything about attracting women and wanted to teach you all the tricks.


I’m not going to go into long blow by blow descriptions of everything that we did in the field, it would take too much space. (and yes it was awesome, yes I got my first numbers ever in the field and yes I got my ass kicked a few times and Carlos was right there to pick things up for me and get me back out there trying again)  

But what I will cover briefly is the “new” concepts that I took away from the seminar which I’d never been exposed to prior.  My own nuggets of “gold” as it were.  These are all concepts that I didn’t really know or understand before the seminar which I now see as KEY:


1) Opening a set, to “open”, they were “open” - My first set right out of the box was perhaps my most successful (which kinda sucks because it was hard to match the exuberance of that initial peak experience)  It consisted of a set of very open, physically affectionate and playful women (5 or 6) sitting by a fireplace.  The set had already been “opened” by Travis before I arrived and he invited me in.  Standing behind the group I took off my long coat and proceeded to sit directly in the middle of them in front of the fireplace making jokes about stealing their fire… As I sat down they immediately started petting me… one with her hand stroking my back another stroking my head scarf (my head is shaved) and another with pressing her leg up against mine.  I zeroed in on a juicy blond and was petting and talking to her about my art and totally had command of the entire group the instant I sat down.  It was amazing.


Remember that that portion of the game is the part that I’m good at… once attraction has been established… so it was a total kick to just be dropped into the situation and be rocking the way I was.  I conversed a bit, got a couple of numbers and moved on to the next set.  But the next day I was thinking on it and it almost seemed TOO easy… and I suspected that the group was a plant just to get my confidence up.  I checked with Travis on it and he explained the concept of “opening a set” to me… that by the time I got there the set, and the women, were already open, friendly and interested.  In this case my wing (or pivot) went in ahead of time and did the hard part for me.  The rest was easy… very cool.  And I know they weren’t plants because I’m still in touch with some of the members of that set at this point.


2) Another concept that I got to play with, that kind of leverages off the previous one of “opening” is wingmen and pivots.  Over the course of the weekend I got the chance to work with several wings, including Travis and Carlos as well as 3 or 4 men in the group and it was amazing to notice the dynamics that show up when working that way.  

As with opening sets, (as opposed to singles) having another person there on your side to work with really makes things easier, less charged and more fun.  And when your “Wing” is a woman (a Pivot) I like that even more… and we had CJ working pivot at the workshop with us as well.  


There was one case where I went in with my wing and we were hitting two very cute girls who were snuggled up on the couch.  I opened the set with my “Shy100” spiel (which is really designed to work solo) but it totally fell naturally into a great interaction me talking to my target my wing talking to the other.  But the amazing thing was that after 5 or 10 minutes of chatting when their HUSBANDS showed up I looked over to my wing not sure what the “protocol was” and he was like “Hey man… nice to meet you.  How’s it going?”  And I just followed his lead as if talking to these men’s wives was the most normal thing in the world and while my Wind talked up the dudes I talked up the chicks.

Very interesting.  My wing and I just totally held our power and Alpha status without the slightest trace of defensiveness and the entire group went along with it.  And after another 10 minutes or so when we ejected Carlos was there to tell us all the things we did right and how the girls body language really showed attraction and connection with us.  Again, very cool.


3) The last thing that I came into that was really profound was the concept of “Proxemics” or the science of the placement of bodies (people) in relation to each other (rather than Kino or body language which is all I’ve ever focused on before.)  

The most interesting experience I had with this was on the last night at the last club where there was this ADORABLE California blond that had been holding court at the bar all night long.  I’d wanted to approach her but every time I looked there were one, two or three tall good-looking studs talking her up.  I was trying to figure out if she was “with” any of them but never could… and felt intimidated at trying.  Well, at the end of the evening I was tired, ready to leave and on my way out and I figured… “Fuck it, NOW.  Nothing to loose and I won’t have to hang around for the aftermath.”
So while she was talking to these two hunks I slid in behind her, leaned my arm on the bar behind her almost as if she were my date and I had my arm around her shoulders and did the “Shy100” into her ear over her shoulder.  The most amazing thing happened… as soon as I started talking to her (displaying very confident body language and proximity, something that comes easy to me) she turned her attention to me and the other men just pulled their tails between their legs and slunk off.  It was amazing… 5 seconds into the approach and I’d cleared the floor.  

I’d heard that could happen but never experienced it.  Well, the interaction with her was very sweet, fun and amazing to watch as the body language escalated between us… it was almost like a dance… the way her body moved against mine as I teased and played with her, her back arching almost like a cat begging to be stroked.  All without touching (but in VERY close proximity, inches.)  It was amazing.  Could have gotten her number had I gone in looking for it in the first place, but I did get a hug and a kiss from her which was plenty for me at the time.  It was enough to see what I can do when I really hold my Alpha Power as Carlos had been coaching us all weekend to do.  
So all in all, it was an awesome weekend.  Not easy, and not always fun, but an amazing growth experience.  I’m looking forward to working with this group again as well as following up on all the connections I made during the weekend, both inside and outside the group.

Kirin, 03/06
San Francisco, CA


Hey Carlos,
I wanted to take some time to give you many compliments about the seminar last weekend.  My experience at the seminar was impacting.   I realize there are many improvements we can all make, through other methods, but after the seminar it made me a believer of how seeing and applying methods can escalate your understanding of it all.  

One of the many moments of clarity came from the actual material you explained on day one.  From your slideshow and demonstrations about Alpha mindsets, I quickly played out different scenarios from my past that clearly exhibited beta man behavior.  

It’s strange how you relive your memories in an instant from a few examples.  I went in thinking that my sticking point was more on the approach, but throughout the seminar, I realized that my approach didn’t need as much addressing as my mindset through the rapport phase.  I only realized it when we were out on the night and my fellow peers were having trouble approaching, and I could quickly think about something and apply it to my target.  

Another moment of clarity came when I was confronted two separate times during an interaction with females from an AMOG and I could quickly rationalize a way of defusing what could be a confrontation of superiority.  I still ask myself, how was it that I did that?  Well, my answer lies in the fact that I never thought of myself as inferior to the other alpha male of the group.  In fact, I told myself that I was better.  

So, whatever the confrontation, that mindset could be a powerful way to think when anybody is a situation like that.  A great “AHA” moment during day one of the seminar was when [you] gave a demonstration about body language that shows interest from a woman.  It was great to know some indirect ways women sometimes show interest without us men knowing it.  

And, to add to that, I witnessed a defensive gesture from a woman during an interaction between my buddy Jim and a target that displayed in real time what [you were] talking about.  

My overall needs from the seminar were met because I saw you interacting with certain ladies that demonstrated a relaxed person interacting with a group.  As I saw your interaction it made me think that it was a good goal to someday see that in myself.  I also came to see that this is a long term process that I will need to be constantly working on.  

One relief is that most of the guys you interact with during the seminar are in your same shoes and it only encourages you to strive for betterment in yourself and in your peer group.  The fact that all the guys in the seminar are learning and facing challenges like me, give me a great focus to try to work on this every day until I meet the person in my life that is going to make everything worth while.  So overall, the workshop helped me understand that it is a lifelong learning process.

Surely, I will have to devote more time to figure out what my actual sticking points are and work on developing more of my social skills.  

You are a great role model for all of us RAFC’s, thanks for your help and support and as for me, I will just keep on trying whatever I can to become a better person.  

Thanks for the forums, the CD you gave us, the slides etc, your seminar helpers (Travis, CJ), your thorough programs and the constant help you give us to hopefully give us enough guns and ammunition to succeed in this great thing that we call the “Game.”

Your Bud,
A.C. - California

Every participant in the seminar was there to improve himself regardless of his level of "game." There was a spirit of encouragement and brotherhood among the participants. Everyone in the seminar was very friendly.

Carlos [was] very professional and knew his stuff. Yet, he was very friendly and down to earth. You felt like you could ask him any questions and he would have the answer for you... I loved the Q&A times--which Carlos left plenty of time for. Carlos' answers were insightful and obviously came from lots of firsthand experience.

The profound theories were mixed in with live field practices to reinforce the learning. The seminar covered lots of the fundamentals on how to become an Alpha Man; laying a great foundation for perfecting one's skills and personal style in relating to women in the future.

... I love how C.J. and Carlos did the body language demonstration for the "dance of seduction."

I really enjoy the take-home gift of ... photos and seminar materials to keep myself improving.

Carlos took care of all of us when he took us out to a nice dinner and paid for everything. We even had a champaign toast!  I was very impressed by and appreciated his attention to details...

J. - California




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